Skyreach is a national licensed telecommunication service provider, particularly operator in satellite based infrastructure for Indonesia market. Our end-to-end solutions cover various-applications used in multi-industry, from maritime, media, energy, natural-resources to telco and governments.

With diversified facilities, our teleports and infrastructures are prepared for redundancy in multiple geographical locations and has been in our continuous development plan to always assure that our customers’ operation should not be interrupted for any reason.

Our business culture “we know our customer and our customer know us” has conducted truly partnership, robust chain, equal esteem, and reciprocate.



Reliable service nowadays is not enough to meet market demands. The customers are entitled to benefit from optimisation and transparency of services they have paid. Our development team brings these benefits to our customers without compromise and Skyreach successfully delivers services with Clean, Optimised and Auditable features.

Clean Pipe Connection is formed by real-time anti-DDoS protection against volumetric DDoS attacks. As satellite bandwidth cost is relatively expensive and usually VSAT connection does not come with luxurious large bandwidth, therefore it is mandatory to ensure that provided connection will not be clogged with malicious traffic and only legitimate traffic that will pass through.

Optimised means to maximize data-transfer efficiencies across limited VSAT bandwidth so customers may avoid expenses for unnecessary bandwidth upgrades. Skyreach provided bandwidth optimisation may helps customers to increase data-transfer rate between average of 15% – 35%. The result of bandwidth optimisation is presented transparently through Skyreach online portal.

Auditable link usage is very important for decision maker to measure productivity result against the connection cost they’ve paid for. This feature enables decision maker to retrieve logs from the usage of applications, what websites are visited, how much bandwidth used by each computer and many more. This feature only enabled confidentially upon request by authorised customer.


Skryreach’s infrastructure includes Point of Presence (PoP) for terrestrial network interchanges at Cyber building, two satellite-teleports located at Central and North Jakarta geographically distanced for the purpose of operation diversity and redundancy. All facilities and customers’ last mile are connected over terrestrial fiber optics network.



SkyNOC operates 24/7 to upkeep all networks, new sites provisioning or reconfiguration and proactively response customer’s request. SkyNOC provides most convenience & efficient communication gear for easiness in touch with Skyreach customers.

  • Whatapss & Yahoo Messanger
  • Email
  • Fix line & Cellular line with 3 most used operators

As standard procedure to provide most updated information, customers reserved rights to access information for

  • Bandwidth utilization (MRTG)
  • Automatic email alert (upon request)
  • Auditable connection logs (upon request)
  • Access to RF information (for partners & service provider)

SkyNOC engineers are trained with qualification & competence within their responsibilities as well as necessary tools to support quick and fast troubleshooting process.



We understand your needs and we expect to be the solution of your problems, so we facilitate the best possible communication services and technologies in various sectors to ensure you the unlimited connectivity as we promised.

Natural Resource


Natural-resources sector has been part of Skyreach growth from beginning. Skyreach has been providing communication service for plantations, timber, mining, from all over Indonesia to run their enterprise applications.

Skyreach communication solutions help company to measure their production in real-time, vehicle tracking to ensure speed of delivery and minimize losses, push-to-talk over satellite for real-time communication between office and vehicle, as well as welfare services for workers.




Skyreach SaiLink provides maritime Industry with complete solution based on multiple satellite technology, C-band, Ku-Band and L-band. Our end-to-end maritime solution provides connectivity to various type of vessels, tankers, fishing, cruise ships, freighters, offshore oil right with choices of solution depending customer application needs, voice, data, video, tracking and telemetry.

For maritime telecommunication needs, Skyreach provides turnkey solution from equipment, installation & maintenance, airtime, including specific applications commonly use in maritime operation.




Most of energy sector are challenged to overcome communication matters when operating in most extreme remote location, especially in the offshores area where reliable and stable connectivity become uncompromised demand.

From purpose of monitoring system, to corporate intranet or internet applications or for crew welfare, these applications require unparalleled robust connectivity. Moreover, as applications demand, welfare services and regulatory complexity, has caused increment in bandwidth growth.

We understand these challenges and offers wide solution and services for these sectors. Wherever your operation resides, Skyreach solution are designed to deliver these mission-critical services.



Satellites are indispensable for the delivery and distribution of TV channels and still remain the best solution. Skyreach offers services to media industry for reliable content delivery through satellite, 24 hour per-day signal monitoring from our SkyNOC to provide maximum availability of each program.

Skyreach services included:

  • Content distribution through satellite with various video format MPEG2, MPEG2 for HD and Ultra HD channels.
  • Real-time content distribution in IP format using multicast technology.
  • Satellite contribution through Skyreach land mobility solution.

Upon request, we provide professional equipment from stationary uplink or land mobility system available in conjunction with a space segment. Skyreach land mobility system provided with latest convenience and portable technology so that all desired broadcasting locations can be reached quickly.



Skyreach has been years of experience in delivering satellite based communication for government program in many rural locations in Indonesia. The primary purpose of service delivered by Skyreach are welfare services for health and education.

Beyond the purpose to access information, Skyreach government solutions included communication for military & defense, search & rescue operations, disaster-recovery, and government online applications. With the archipelago geographical condition, satellite communication will remain as ideal solution to connect the whole nation.



We gather the best quality connection in Indonesia from these major areas following Sumatra, Java, Bali, Nusa Tenggara Timur, Nusa Tenggara Barat, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Maluku, Ambon, and Papua.


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